Thursday, July 06, 2006

Favourite Tools - Copernic

There are some tools which I really love. Near the top of my list is Copernic. Copernic is a ‘desktop search’ program which ‘indexes’ all your Outlook / Outlook express email, and the files on your computer. It’s similar to Windows Desktop Search and Google Desktop Search. I tried a few desktop search programs and Copernic is my favourite.

Using Copernic, you can key in a couple of keywords, and in a couple of seconds – bam – you’ve got a list of every email and file containing those words. You can then refine the search by being more specific about the sender or the type of file. If you’ve ever searched for email using the search feature in Outlook, you’ll never use it again.

If you get a lot of email and you don’t already have a desktop search program, drop everything and install Copernic now. It’s free, and you’ll start raving about it too.

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Shiraz Akmal said...

Copernic is good -- but now that X1 Desktop Search is free - it's worth checking out: