Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blog Update - August 2006

I thought that today would be a good day to post an update about the blog.

As you’ve hopefully noticed, I’ve been tweaking the layout. There’s a beautiful picture of me, less ads, and generally a cleaner look. Thanks to Scott Chiu for helping to squeeze the DVD tray into my mouth.

I use Google Analytics and AdSense to track some stats on the site. For the month of July the site averaged 27 hits per day. I can also tell that 75% of hits are ‘returning visitors’, and traffic spikes at around 50 each time a post is made. I like this, as it hopefully means people are getting something out of the site.

Some might wonder how much money AdSense is making. Well I’m proud to say that in the first three months I’ve managed to rack up a whopping $3.88. I hope all this money doesn’t corrupt me and send me down a path of ruin. :)

Having AdSense does give me a good way of tracking traffic though, and it’s amusing to see how irrelevant the ads can get. I also had some Amazon ads, and they did quite literally nothing.

Analytics gives a fun graphical display of where in the world people are reading from. A big shout out to the New Zealand, India and Philippines crews. :)

I’m enjoying writing the blog. At first I thought I was going to run out of ideas, but more and more topics keep coming up. That said, I really enjoy getting posts and mail, as it helps me shape what I write about, and it’s nice to make the connection.

Thanks for reading so far!


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