Monday, January 22, 2007


I just upgraded to 'new blogger', and have managed to lose my template.

I have a copy of my old template, but it doesn't work with the new system, so it'll take me some time to track down what has changed...

If there's one thing I like about blogging, it's writing template html :( 


Mitch said...

Hey Mark. I just googled C++ game programming and found your blog. :) Alot of this stuff is really interesting to read.. I even put a link to it on my blog. :D

I'm just wondering how important maths is to game programming. I will be going to University after I finish 1 more year of study. I am learning C++ and I am really enjoying it... but I don't know alot of maths...


Mark Pope said...

Hi Mitch. Thanks for the post, and link :)

Really basic math, like simple algebra and using a calculator is very important. But this is a given.

As many games are 3D, having a good handle on trigonometry is also important.
When you start writing 3D programs, you'll also bump into vector math (e.g. dot and cross product) and matrices. These are very good to know.
I'd say all 3D game programmers need to have a pretty good grasp up to this point.
Then there are some problems which call for more advance math. E.g. 'Work out how the AI should throw the grenade (which moves in an arc) to hit a moving target (in 3D)'. It's cool if you have the chops to solve harder problems like these, but you can often get by without.

So basically - simple math and 3D stuff is required, and harder math is nice to have.

If you've got the option to improve your math, I'd take it.


Mitch said...

Hm.. Thanks. I do have plenty of time to learn it I guess... just never liked it at school haha.