Monday, October 08, 2007

Intel Threading Challenge

Intel are running a programming challenge based around the area of multi-threading. They pose a programming problem, and you submit code which solves the problem using multi-threading.
Winners of the rounds get cash, and the overall winner gets an Apple laptop.

It's worth having a go, because:
  • Often, not many people apply because it requires effort. So your chances of winning are reasonable.
  • You'll likely learn something, or at least dust off your skills.
  • It's good to mention at interview, and gives you some more demo code.
  • Being able to think of problems in terms of multiple threads/cores is becoming highly important, and a desired skill.

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Joel said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for mentioning our developer contest. We're encouraged by the level of participation (worldwide) in the contest. The discussion forums associated with each problem set have been busy with developers discussing their techniques, both before and after the judging. So I'm happy that everyone is learning from this effort.