Saturday, November 08, 2008

Free Subversion hosting at

I had been using for Subversion control of my files. They recently announced that private repositories are no longer going to be free of charge (though they are cheap).

I decided to look for another alternative and found this list of free SVN hosting sites. From the list I decided to choose It's a relatively no frills site, but free. It's only been a couple of days so far, but I really like it. The guy who runs it is very friendly and quick to help.

If you're thinking of moving from Assembla to, here are some steps which make it easy:

  1. Check all your code in to Assembla.
  2. Download a dump of your repository from Assembla. To do this, click on: SVN/Trac > Import or Export your Subversion repository here > Get SVN Backup
  3. Set up an account and repository with XP-Dev. This takes about a minute, it's easy. Note that your username and repository name together become the url of your repo, e.g. BradPitt_MyRepoName
  4. Email your Assembla repository dump and new repository name to XP-Dev support, and they'll set it up for you.

Then just set up a new folder to point to your repository. (With TortoiseSVN - Make a folder. Right click and select 'SVN Checkout'. Give it the server URL and username/password as needed.) Also I recommend keeping your old Assembla linked folder around, just in case you forgot to check a file in.

Happy coding!


C. G. Brown said...

Also take a look at ProjectLocker ( We have free Subversion hosting, Git hosting, and Trac hosting for 2 users, 300 MB, unlimited projects. Paid plans with more space and users start at just $2.50 a month (annualized). All plans are private and have SSL as well. We'd love the chance to earn your business.

IT Girl said...

Check out CVSDude's subversion and CVS hosting plans (! They're solid. If your needs are special, which sort of goes with the gaming territory, they're happy to work something out for you.

CVSDude has free subversion hosting for smaller projects, or there's a range of paid plans starting at $7 a month for increased storage, multiple users and projects, 10-minute backups to private subnet, and 24-hour recovery time.

Try their unrestricted 30-Day Free Trial, which you can upgrade later without any service interruption.

Definitely recommend them, and they've just released a new platform technology.

boniggy said...

I'll second a "here here" for been using them since Assembla changed and ive had no issue since.

You get about 1500mb limit for your project(s).

Its great!