Thursday, December 02, 2010

Developing iPhone apps in Windows, in regular C++

apple_iphone_1When the iPhone development gold-rush started, I investigated a little but was soon put off by the need to buy an iPhone, a Mac, and work in Objective C++. It would have been a lot of money and time before I could even write a Hello World app.
I just became aware of the Airplay SDK (Thanks Tim). It allows you to develop for iPhone in C++, in Visual Studio, on a PC, and comes with an emulator for PC. And it’s free!
It’s an engine with a graphics pipeline, networking, user input, sound, and other things. The things which it might be considered lacking if you were comparing with (the somewhat similar) Unity3D are a 3D editor, and a more developed physics system (I’m only getting this from a quick glance at the website, so forgive me if I’m wrong…). I’m not knocking it though – Airplay appears very exciting.
I currently lack the time to play around with it, but it looks pretty interesting to me. For a small fee, you can also target other mobile platforms like Android, without having to make changes to your code. Very cool!
Check it out –


  • I recently found this good roundup of many different iOS development options.

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Cole said...

You should also check out DragonFireSDK: an easy way to create and publish iPhone apps all on a Windows platform. It uses C/C++ and is easy to use!