Sunday, December 27, 2015

Learn to code with Minecraft and Star Wars

There's a great set of 'Hour of Code' exercises at
They're great for kids, or anyone looking to get started.
Like Scratch, they work by dragging blocks together. The experience is delivered very well, with videos and lots of explanation.

The Minecraft exercise is good for any kid who's interested in Minecraft. It teaches loops and 'if' statements.
The Star Wars exercise is great too. You control BB8 (the round droid from the new movie) and learn about events.
I recommend doing both exercises, with Minecraft first.


sherreze reid said...

Trying to see how I can continue my dream in game designs but school wasn't helping me with my interest what kind of start is possible for me I have a son apartment fiance and minimum wage job advice please

Mark Pope said...

Hi. I think a great way to get started is to download Unity3D, and work through the tutorials. Just copy along at first, but try to understand it. Then make tweaks to the tutorial games to make them your own, and then start making your own games. Once you are good at Unity and have some example projects to show, you can start looking for jobs working in Unity. Good luck!